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Laser Treatments for Facial Spider Veins


Today, the removal of spider veins on the face, body, and legs, indeed, is the most effective, due to the strictly dosed delicate laser radiation exposure on the treated area.

The procedure is based on the method of fractional photo thermolysis. This means that in this situation it becomes the laser target hemoglobin in the dilated vessel walls. The thermal energy of the laser beam transmitted pigment, which in turn transmits it to the vessel walls. Thus, spider veins are destroyed without damaging surrounding tissue.

Laser for Facial Veins

As we have said, spider veins removal is carried out on the equipment that combines the newest features a laser

Surgery Overview
The procedure is comfortable for patients. It takes from 15 minutes to half an hour, has virtually no contraindications and ensures instant aesthetic effect.

Maximum comfort can be achieved due to a multi-stage cooling system, which, depending on the power of thermal radiation, automatically delivers cold air to the skin treatment site flow of varying intensity.

In addition to the cooling system at the treatment site anesthetic cream is applied. Thus, the removal of the vessels is completely painless procedure

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