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Looking for a Solution to Unsightly Veins? Explore Varithena®, ClariVein®, VenaSeal®

Varicose veins affect more than one-third of the population in the United States, with women outpacing men by 2-to-1. If you find yourself struggling with unsightly veins or, worse, painful or uncomfortable varicose veins, the good news is that VeinMedic, with four New York City locations, offers a number of innovative treatments that quickly eliminate the problem.

At VeinMedic, under the expert direction of Dr. Michael Kassouf, our team is dedicated to helping patients find solutions for venous issues, such as varicose and spider veins. While there are many ways we can approach the problem, we’ve had great success with three treatments in particular, which deliver quick results in the least invasive manner possible.

Here’s a look at the three cutting-edge treatments we offer for unsightly leg veins.


This treatment uses a microfoam that we inject into your target vein. To do this, we may inject the Varithena directly or use a very small catheter that we insert into your problematic vein. Once we inject the sclerotherapy foam, it goes to work to shut down the vein, causing it to collapse. Your blood then reroutes itself to healthier blood vessels nearby.

The procedure typically takes less than an hour and doesn’t require general anesthesia. With Varithena, we can treat veins of any size above and below your knees, even those that have been treated unsuccessfully before.


With this innovative treatment we take a different approach to varicose veins — we seal them. With VenaSeal, we deliver an adhesive into your diseased vein via a catheter. We then apply pressure to the area to activate the seal, then remove the catheter. Once your vein is sealed, your blood diverts to healthier vessels, and the treated vein collapses.

The VenaSeal procedure can be performed in our office in under an hour, and there’s no need for general anesthesia. Many patients don’t even need to wear compression stockings afterward.


ClariVein uses a catheter with a rotating wire tip that allows us to disperse your sclerotherapy agent a full 360 degrees for optimal results.

The ClariVein device is thinner than other catheters, which means we only need a pin-sized entrance point to gain access to your diseased veins. Not only is your treatment more comfortable when we use ClariVein, but your recovery also is faster, allowing you to return to your normal activities in short order.

If you’d like to explore how these three innovative treatments for unsightly veins can help you, please contact one of our locations in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, Washington Heights in Manhattan, Elmhurst in Queens, and Mount Hope in the Bronx.

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