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What to Do About Unsightly Hand Veins

While we may pay a considerable amount of attention to anti-aging and aesthetic concerns on our face, our hands can undermine our efforts, especially if they’re dominated by bulging veins.

At VeinMedic, under the experienced and expert direction of Dr. Michael Kassouf, our team at four locations in New York City handles vein issues of all kinds, from varicose veins on your legs to facial veins. As part of our extensive suite of vascular services, we also offer remedies for troublesome hand veins.

Here’s a look at how these veins develop and, more importantly, what we can do about them.

What causes hand veins?

Among the many contributors to bulging hand veins are:

Many of these factors, such as exercise, are simply temporary concerns, but the one we want to highlight is the effect of aging on your hands.

As you grow older, the skin on your hands (and everywhere else) gradually loses elasticity and tone, thanks to a decrease in collagen and elastin production. Without taut skin to keep them down, veins can reveal themselves more readily. 

Also, as you age your fat redistributes itself, and many people lose the thin layer that once covered their hands.

Rounding out the list of age-related forces is the fact that, as you get older, the tiny valves in your veins may begin to weaken, which allows your blood to pool for longer.

Eliminating hand veins

It’s important to note that, in most cases, hand veins aren’t dangerous — they pose more of an aesthetic concern. If we find that your veins may be the sign of a larger problem, we will make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment.

As vascular specialists, we understand how to best handle problems like benign hand veins, using effective therapies that include:


With this treatment, we inject a chemical solution into your problematic veins that causes them to shut down.

Endovenous ablation

Perfect for smaller veins, endovenous ablation is a technique in which we use radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy the bulging veins in your hands. 

Ambulatory phlebectomy

Using local anesthesia, we can remove your hand veins in an in-office, outpatient procedure. 

With each of these procedures, we want to assure you that your circulation won’t be affected as your blood reroutes itself into healthier vessels further below the surface of your skin. Your treated blood vessels, in the meantime, will shrivel up and be absorbed back into your body.

If you’d like to regain youthful hands by eliminating bulging veins, please contact one of our New York locations in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, Manhattan's Washington Heights, Elmhurst in Queens, or Mount Hope in the Bronx to set up an appointment.


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