What is ClariVein®IC?

ClariVein®IC is a specialty infusion catheter with a rotating wire tip designed for the controlled 360-degree dispersion of physician-specified agents to the targeted treatment area. The ClariVein®IC is fully disposable, minimally invasive, and can be efficiently used in an office setting.



The ClariVein®IC device is a thin catheter (tube) that your doctor temporarily inserts into the peripheral vasculature through a pin-sized entrance point. ClariVein®IC is several times smaller than other devices used in peripheral vascular treatments allowing the entrance point to be smaller.



Why Choose ClariVein®IC?

ClariVein®IC is designed with a low profile for ease of entry and patient comfort to facilitate fast return to work and normal activities. The ClariVein®IC is designed to only require local anesthetic at the access site based on patient need.


What Happens During The Procedure?

Once positioned inside the peripheral vasculature via a pin-sized entry through the skin, the rotating wire of the ClariVein®IC is activated to deliver medicine specified by your physician. The medicine is delivered via the unique rotating dispersion wire tip of the catheter facilitating 360-degree coverage of the vessel and the vessel wall.