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Varicose and spider veins are often unsightly and may be uncomfortable as well. If you’re affected by problem veins, board-certified vascular surgeon Michael Kassouf, MD, and his team at VeinMedic offer laser vein treatments using state-of-the-art technologies. At their convenient locations in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, Manhattan's Washington Heights, Elmhurst in Queens, and Mount Hope in the Bronx, VeinMedic has the facilities and specialist expertise to eliminate your troublesome veins. Call your nearest New York City office today or book your appointment online.

Laser Vein Treatments Q & A

Why would I need laser vein treatments?

You might need laser vein treatments if you have spider veins or varicose veins.

These unsightly conditions are usually a cosmetic issue more than a health issue, although severe varicose veins can also cause problems such as aching, tired legs, skin irritation, bleeding, and varying degrees of discomfort.

What are varicose and spider veins?

Spider veins are networks of tiny blood vessels that you can see through the skin. They often develop on your face, creating unsightly blue, purple, or red patches. 

Varicose veins are more likely to affect your legs, starting as an enlargement of the veins and then causing them to bulge above your skin, looking like twisted, lumpy ropes.

Problems with the veins develop because of a fault in the valves that control blood flow. These valves regulate the circulatory system’s one-way flow by preventing blood from traveling the wrong way.

However, if the valves are weak or damaged, blood in your veins can leak back through them and start collecting. Because your legs are farthest from your heart and it’s harder for your body to return blood from your legs and feet, varicose veins tend to affect these areas more than any others.

Laser vein treatments are an effective method of dealing with spider veins and smaller varicose veins for cosmetic and medical purposes.

How do laser vein treatments work?

Laser vein treatments work by safely and painlessly destroying the problem vein. There are two approaches to using laser treatment for varicose and spider veins:

Noninvasive laser therapy

Noninvasive laser technology works through your skin without the need for incisions or injections. Using a specialist laser system, your provider at VeinMedic applies the laser energy to your veins, where it heats up the vein walls and closes them off.

In some cases, a single treatment is sufficient to shut down the vein, but most patients need 2-4 treatments. Once the vein shuts down, blood can’t flow down it, and the unsightly vein disappears.

Endovenous ablation therapy

Laser ablation is effective for larger varicose veins but does involve a slightly more invasive procedure. Your provider at VeinMedic injects an anesthetic into the treatment area, then makes a small incision in your skin through which they pass a slim tube. On the end of the tube is a laser that heats the vein, causing it to shrivel and die.

Your circulation improves as a consequence, with blood flow going through stronger, healthier vessels, and the varicose veins slowly break down and disappear.

To find out which approach is best for you, call VeinMedic today, or book an appointment online.