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Periorbital veins around the eyes are a particularly distressing type of aesthetic vein problem because they can be hard to disguise. If you’re affected by prominent or unsightly veins across your face, board-certified vascular surgeon Michael Kassouf, MD, and his team at VeinMedic provide treatments using state-of-the-art laser technology and sclerotherapy techniques. At their convenient locations in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, Manhattan's Washington Heights, Elmhurst in Queens, and Mount Hope in the Bronx, VeinMedic has the facilities and specialist expertise to provide outstanding results. Call your nearest New York City office today or book your appointment online.

Periorbital Veins Q & A

What are periorbital veins?

Periorbital veins are the small blood vessels that spread over the bridge of your nose, across your eyelids and under your eyes. They aren’t normally easy to see, but some people find their periorbital veins start to become more prominent.

This is more likely to happen as you get older, especially if you have fair skin. Periorbital veins can show up as blue lines under your eyes, and at your temples, they can bulge like varicose veins on the legs. They aren’t usually painful but may feel tender at times, especially if you get hot.

What causes periorbital veins?

Periorbital vein problems typically develop because of a fault in the way the valves are working in your blood vessels. 

If the valves aren’t sealing properly, blood can collect in certain areas, increasing the vein’s visibility and prominence. Exposure to sunlight and genetic influences can also make you more likely to get periorbital veins.

Periorbital veins aren’t anything to worry about, and they’re not a sign of ill health. However, if you find them unsightly and they’re affecting your self-esteem, there are several options available for removing them.

How are periorbital veins treated?

Treatments for periorbital veins include laser therapies and sclerotherapy, both of which destroy the unsightly blood vessels for good using nonsurgical technologies. 

Surgery for periorbital veins is complex and can cause scarring, as well as being more painful, and effective alternatives to surgery are always preferable so you avoid any potential risks.

Laser ablation uses the power of light energy to treat periorbital veins. Your provider at VeinMedic inserts a laser fiber through a needle into the target vein, then uses the laser energy to heat the vein until it collapses. Blood has to take a different route via healthier veins, and over time, the treated veins break down and disappear.

Sclerotherapy operates on a similar principle to laser ablation but causes the veins to collapse using an injection of sclerosant, a specially designed liquid that causes the vein to harden and collapse, which is called sclerosis. Between 3-6 weeks after sclerotherapy treatment, your body absorbs the tissue that’s left.

If you’ve noticed the veins on your face becoming more prominent, call VeinMedic today to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment online.