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Hand Vein Treatment

No matter how well you look after the skin on your face, the backs of the hands will carry the tell-tale signs of ageing. The skin here gets thinner and we lose fat from this area as we age, which means the veins will get bigger and be more prominent with time. So, although they don’t usually cause any physical problems, veins on the hands can add years to your appearance, particularly if you are very slim. The good news is veins on the surface of the hands can safely be removed leaving you with younger looking hands.


EVRF® technology treats hand veins with superior comfort while providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. Unlike laser therapies, the EVRF®/VeinXpert has no side effects such as Hyper/Hypo-pigmentation and scarring. And unlike laser therapy, a treatment with the EVRF®/VeinXpert will show effective results as early as the first treatment session and can be administered to all skin types.

A treatment with the EVRF®/VeinXpert takes on average 15 to 20 minutes in which 30 to 40 inches of veins can be treated with no post treatment limitations. A major benefit over traditional treatments is that no bandages are required and the patient may resume everyday activity immediately after their treatment.


  • Lasting results
  • Short procedure time (less than 30 minutes)
  • Can be used on all areas, including ankles, knees and face
  • No dressings/bandages are needed
  • Comfortable, tolerable
  • For all skin types
  • Immediate sun exposure

What is equally important is the lack of side-effects

  • No depigmentation
  • No allergic reactions
  • No burns
  • No necrosis
  • No inflammation


Hand vein sclerotherapy is a quick and simple way toward more beautiful hands, restoring a more youthful smoothness and appearance. In most cases, hand veins are normal, healthy veins and are not considered varicose, despite an enlarged or bulging appearance.  Like leg veins, hand veins return blood back to the heart for re-oxygenation. Many people develop large bulging veins on the backs of their hands as they get older. Generally, this is due to skin relaxing and thinning with age, causing the veins to become more prominent and appear enlarged. The visible veins run parallel to and are interconnected with a deeper network of veins that are side by side with the arteries, next to the muscles and bones. Like in the legs, the deeper veins are the more important ones and can handle the extra blood should visible veins be removed or clot off. However, once treated, the deeper veins, take over, eliminating the uneven bulging of more superficial veins.

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical injection therapy used to eliminate varicose and spider veins and is considered the primary treatment for small-vessel varicose disease, such as spider veins. During sclerotherapy affected vessels are injected with a sclerosant solution, which causes the vessel to collapse. As a result the treated vessel can no longer hold blood and shrinks, ultimately disappearing. Performed in-office, scleroptherapy is a relatively quick procedure and takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

Hand vein treatment sessions do not require anesthesia and are very easily tolerated. A compression glove or wrap is used after treatment and a rapid return to regular activities is the norm. In rare instances, mild swelling of the hands may occur which typically lasts a few days. A full consultation on hand veins will be provided prior to any procedures.


  • Smoother, more beautiful younger looking hands.
  • Treatment in less than an hour in office with no general anesthesia or hospitalization.
  • Return to normal activity immediately – with little or no pain.
  • No scars.